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Face-To-Face Teaching




We are really excited to be returning to

face-to-face teaching from

W/C Monday 10th May.

To give you some peace of mind, I would request that the following Covid-safety protocols be followed in order to make the teaching environment as safe as possible:

  • Only the student to enter the building.

  • Request for masks to be worn on entering (unless medically exempt), until you are sat at the drum kit and then again when leaving.

  • For the student to gel their hands on entering the building (hands-free gel will be provided. Check out our cool, unique gel dispenser) 

  • If the student requires alterations to the kit setup, they will be requested to wear gloves (provided) or to move to a safe distance while I make the adjustments for them.



During the lessons, the following extra measures will be taken.

  • A see-through protective screen will stand between myself and the student

  • Headphones will be worn (provided) so that windows can remain open during the lessons to ensure there is adequate ventilation.

  • The headphones, drum stool, music stand and other common 'touch points' will be disinfected between each lesson

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